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Why Are Billionaires Involved in MLM/Network Marketing?

No industry is as misunderstood as Network Marketing -- also known as MLM and Multi-Level Marketing (I will use any of these terms in writing about this industry) This is very unfortunate because there is no such thing as job security today. And even people with good jobs find it difficult, if not impossible, to save anything from their pay check.  

The MLM industry can have a huge positive economic impact on individual, entire communities and our government (more income, more taxes and less welfare recipients). It is always good for the economy when people are actually earning income and buying product and services.  

Anyone who has a job NEEDS a home-based business in order to have some relief from taxes. You can check with your accountant and verify that you have many legitimate deductions that you don’t have as an employee.  (The “more taxes” in the previous paragraph refers to people who are on home relief and not paying taxes because they have no income.) 

If you had a job and don’t have one now, or you don’t have enough income from your present work, you surely need to consider a home-based business.  

Obviously, there are other types of home-based businesses, but there are specific advantages to being involved in this industry.

Who Are Some of the Billionaires Involved in Network Marketing? 

Warren Buffet --one of the, if not the, wealthiest and shrewdest stock market investor -- purchased Kirby and Pampered Chef, both MLM companies -- though they prefer to be known as Direct Sales companies. 

Roger Barnett, whose family owns Burberry (multi billion$$ clothing corporation) and Experian Credit Company, bought Shaklee, one of the oldest MLM nutrition companies. 
Michael Johnson, former CEO of Disney, now runs Herbalife, a huge MLM company, specializing in nutritional and weight loss products 
Citigroup , one of the largest banks in the world, owns Primerica Insurance, an MLM company that was originally started by A L Williams. 

Obviously these business giants recognize that MLM is NOT a fraud, scheme or scam. They – and many successful, shrewd business people -- KNOW that there is a great deal of untapped wealth available in the MLM/Network Marketing industry. No doubt we will learn about other very wealthy people who are affiliated with MLM companies. 

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