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Your Success with ClickIntensity

To the person reading this, I want you to believe that your story will change for better if you take your time to read this post to the end and you take action. So you have been struggling to make money? Well how does it sound making money 48times daily? How does it feel making money by just clicking on Links? Yes just links.
I don't care if you are a Civil Servant, Student, Retired Government worker or even an under 20 youth. The system I am going to be revealing to you today will make you Thousands, Millions of Dollar online. Yes! I mean it. Please before proceeding, see the required elements/gadgets you are required to have before you can make money from this system...

  • Just a smartphone with Internet Connection
Yes, that's all you need to start making money with this system, A laptop is optional so if you don't have a laptop, you will still make money here. 
Now I know you are wondering that what system am I really talking about? I welcome you to Click Intensity.

Clickintensity is the world’s first social advertising exchange which has been changing the way online advertising industry works.
This is simple and very powerful concept. This is already a proven system as there are successful companies with the same formula; one example is Traffic Monsoon. Traffic Monsoon earned millions of dollars in its few months of operation. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that there are a lot of companies too who have perverted this formula and promised a lot of money but eventually closed out in just few weeks of operation. That is why you need to be very careful in choosing the right programs to join.

The people that are communicating for Click Intensity are Nick Johnson and Tara Mish. They are usually present online specifically to Click Intensity’s official  Facebook group. They issue relevant timely updates, training, inspiration and support  to members who would like to know more about Click Intensity. Here is a direct link to download Clickintensity compensation plan (Start making money immediately)

A lot of people pay money to be seen all across the world using the internet ads, Clickintensity gives you and me the opportunity to make money from all these people.
What’s different? : Now you can earn and rip the benefits from every individual that want to place their ads on CI. For each $25 advertising bundle you purchase, you’ll earn up to 120% of your earnings. That’s right, a 120% profit.
It doesn’t matter how many packages you have, the more you own, the more money is earned from the revenue shares for advertising. 
The click intensity system is simple; every 24hours, you must complete 10 simple tasks from other members, advertisers and companies that are creating tasks within the system.
Now the question is what tasks are required to make money on CI? These tasks could be as simple as clicking few Ads, sharing posts on Facebook, playing mobile games or watching videos online.
Once you complete these tasks, you get paid for every 30minutes for 24hours. This amazing and revolutionary system is built for every business and every entrepreneur all across the world. The earning potential is unlimited. Below is the list of Clickintensity payout methods

Bank wire: With this method, you can receive your earnings straight into your Bank account from any country in the World. This process could take up to 4-5 business days.

PayPal: Clickintensity also pays you with PayPal, this method is the fastest and it is instant deposit.

Solid Trsut Pay (STP): This is another awesome instant payment method from Click intensity, you will receive your funds in less 30 seconds.

Bitcoin: If you have a bitcoin account, just submit your bitcoin account details to Clickintensity payment methods and you will receive your earnings instantly.
As far as the compensation side is concerned, you personally will earn 10% of every advertising bundle your referred members purchase. How cool is this? You earn money by just referring your friends and family to the program.

Let’s do some basic maths…
Your friend who you personally referred purchases a 100 packages ($25 per each package), you will earn $250 for those packages and you will be earning every 30minutes on those packages. If they decide they want to purchase more packages, you’ll earn 10% of every bundle they purchase forever.
And not only this, if your referred member decided to share Clickintensity with the rest of the world and starts building a team, you can get paid up to an additional 5% till 7level based on your qualification.
With the current rising unemployment and the number of people being able to access World Wide Web globally, the timing of this service cannot be better, instead of hearing it from others, why not be a part of it now and benefit from its growth.
Don’t worry, Clickintensity is not asking for your money because the best part of this program is that you risk absolutely nothing! 

For personal coaching, you are welcome to contact me on Whatsapp on 08065901210 (Peter Ignatius).

As you can see yourself by now, it’s time for a Massive Action!
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  1. I have to join click intesnity. What an awesome business


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