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some marketing and traffic tips for you in this mail

Hello, this will be a long e-mail but trust me it is worth it.

In this e-mail, I want to give you some marketing and traffic tips, that will help you generate leads online and find referrals for your businesses. I will teach you step by step the first steps of "marketing".

In this way, you will be able to earn commissions from your leads by sending them e-mails. Believe me, I will tell you exactly what I do.

For e-mail marketing, I am using GetResponse, because they are offering users a "landing page" service, too. And you will need a landing page to generate leads. Other e-mail marketing services do not offer that and you will have to pay monthly fees for that, too. GetResponse includes everything you need for marketing, that is why I am using it. 

1- First step is to create an account at Get Response. You will get $30 by joining with this link!

After you created your account at Get Response, familiarize yourself with the backoffice, learn how to create newsletters, how to create landing pages etc. You can ask your questions to their live support, they are always online to help you

2- When you set up your account and created your landing page, it is time to purchase some traffic to your landing page link to collect leads. Without traffic, you cannot be successful, traffic is the key element in generating leads online. 

If you are targeting, Revshare users, you can purchase login ads. Login ads work best with landing pages. Seach for some Revenue Sharing websites who offer login ads. If you are targetting PTC users, you can purcase traffic from Clixsense or Neobux, whose ads are forced views. If your offer is a bitcoin based website, you can use A-Ads. They are offering CPM text ads.

It is all about the audience you are targetting. You need to scale your traffic according to that. 

If you can afford, the only traffic that works best is the Solo Ads. Solo Ads are email blasts to other email lists. By purchasing Solo Ads, you can collect leads easily, Most of the sellers has around 50% opt-in rate. For solo ads, I am usingUdimi, you can find lots of solo ad sellers there, and read user comments about them. So, you can detect which seller is the best. 

You can create your Udimi account here:

3- Third and the last step is to send your offers/referral links/businesses to your leads. They will open your emails, click your links and register to the offers you have sent because they have opted-in intentionally, they are willing to receive your emails.

As you can see, with the right tools and the right traffic sources, e-mail marketing is not difficult. 

My best advice to you is that;

Keep building your leads!

Send them offers, give value, make money and spend money on traffic again to generate more leads. Spend money to make more money! This is how you can build your empire!

I hope you could be able to find some value in this email and this helps you understand how to start marketing!

See you on my next e-mail. 

Until that time, take good care.

Sercan Çakır
Admin - Earn With Me
Internet Marketer, Author & Online Investor

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